Global Exposure + Over US$20,000 Worth of Cash & Prizes to be Won!

The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize celebrates diversity and excellence in the representational visual arts, in all static mediums including Traditional Art media, Digital Art media, and Photographic media; and all genres from realism and hyper-realism, to pop surrealism and lowbrow.

The Prize seeks to inspire creatives from around the world to pursue a life and career in the arts, and to help careers grow through increased exposure of their work to the global arts community.

As a finalist, my Instagram and website have been receiving interest from a wider audience. Invitations to new shows have also come from the publicity the prize provided. One of the most sought after things an artist can hope for is name recognition and for people to see their work more widely, and the art prize has done that for me. – 2018 Finalist, Ariel Bowman

Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for artists to get their work in front of both the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and the Directors of Haven Gallery, plus connect with the 50+ artists participating in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition.

The 40 short-listed finalists will receive extensive international promotion through Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s email marketing, social media marketing [over 970,000 followers] and website, ensuring the widest possible exposure.

The Awards recognise the most skilled, creative and talented contemporary artists within their category, as well as one extraordinary overall winner.

From the finalists, five winners (1st Prize Winner, INPRNT Traditional Art Award Winner, Stocksy Photography Award Winner, Sculpture Award Winner and the Digital Art Award Winner) will be selected to participate in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition ‘Ritual’ in December 2019 at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York, along with an incredible line up of over 50 of the world’s best contemporary artists from around the world. Click here for further details on the ‘Ritual’ exhibition and participating artists. These five winners will be required to produce an original work in keeping with the theme of ‘ritual’, to be completed and delivered to Haven Gallery by 1 December 2019.

We want you to have your say! The Peoples Choice Winner will receive a year’s worth of social media advertising through the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine socials to ensure they are able to connect with the right audience of engaged creatives, collectors and gallerists, raise their profile, associate their work with other leading creatives, and of course to grow their social media following. The Peoples Choice Winner will also have an in-depth interview published on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize websites, giving readers an insight into their vision and practice.

Prize Pool

1st Prize [Overall Winner]

INPRNT Traditional Art Award

Stocksy Photography Award

Sculpture Award

  • Participation in the Beautiful Bizarre curated exhibition at Haven Gallery (New York), December 2019 – January 2020
  • US$1,000 cash [non acquisitive]
  • US$1,000 gift voucher from Blick Art Materials
  • 1 year unlimited subscription to the Stan Winston School, including unlimited access to the Course Library by the Masters of FX. Also includes exclusive access to Stan Winston Studio Behind-the-Scenes Documentary stream.
  • 3 month Social Media advertising package (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine: 970,000+ followers across all Socials platforms)
  • Exclusive in-depth interview published on the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine websites + shared on social media

Digital Art Award

Peoples Choice Award

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Artwork by: 2018 Finalist Rose Freymuth-Frazier, “Peace Talks” [Oil on panel, 16 x 20″]