Olga Esther Beautiful bizarre magazine exhibition ritual

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition ‘Ritual’ @ Haven Gallery

“We not only nurture our sacred relationships through ritual, but we are nurtured by them as well. In ritual, we move, and we are moved.” – Alison Leigh Lilly

‘Ritual’, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s second curated exhibition at Haven Gallery in New York, brings together over 50 of the world’s best two and three dimensional artists, whom have explored the theme ‘Ritual’ through their own unique styles, genres and mediums.

Life is embedded with Rituals. They nurture us and improve us. Rituals are an action or ceremony performed in a customary way. Be it religious or personal, rituals give our lives meaning. Without them we would be floating through life with nothing to tie us down, or to expand us to the people we can become.

‘Ritual’ will also showcase the work of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019 winners, in each of the four Award categories: INPRNT Traditional Art Award, Stocksy United Photography Award, Sculpture Award, Digital Art Award and of course our overall 1st Prize Winner. As a leader and advocate for the arts, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine champions emerging and mid-career artists. In the 6 years since our launch, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine has proudly become a voice, a tribe, and a platform for creatives whose work doesn’t always fit neatly into the traditional fine art “box”. In keeping with our mission, the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize seeks to inspire creatives from around the world to pursue a life and career in the arts, and to help careers grow through our exposure of their work.

The Winners of the 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize will also be presented their specially commissioned glass art Award sculptures at the special opening reception on 14 December.

The Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Co-Founders Danijela Krha Purssey and Richard Purssey are flying in from Australia to attend the opening, as are a number of the artists and Art Prize winners. We would love to see you there!


Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Curated Exhibition ' Ritual'

Opening Reception:

Saturday 14th December, 6 – 8 pm

Exhibition Dates:

14 December 2019 – 12 January 2020

Haven Gallery

155 Main St., Suite 4,
Carriage House Square
Northport, NY 11768

For pricing and to enquire about any of the works, please email
Gallery Director Erica Berkowitz at [email protected]

For more details, videos, WIPs etc follow the Facebook Event page

Ritual at Haven Gallery


Exhibiting Artists: Adipocere, Akishi Ueda [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Sculpture Award 1st Prize Winner], Alessandro Sicioldr, Allison Reimold, Anne-Christine Roda [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Award Finalist], Annie Murphy-Robinson [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Winner], Ana Bagayan, Andi Soto, Bella Harris, Ben Franke [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Stocksy United Photography Award 1st Prize Winner], Billelis & SickMick [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Digital Art 1st Prize Winners], Calvin Ma, Caitlin Hackett, Chie Yoshii, Courtney Brims, Crystal Morey, DULK, Emil Melmoth, Escoto + Carrara, Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak, Howard Lyon [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Honourable Mention], Jana Brike, Jason Mowry [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist], Johnson Tsang, Jon Ching, Joseph Weinreb, Josie Morway, Julie Filipenko, Kaysha Siemens [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist], Kevin Peterson, Koh KiSung, Kurtis Rykovich, Laura Colors, Lauren Brevner, Laurie Lee Brom, Mahlimae, Mark Garro, Naoto Hattori, Nosego, Olga Esther, Olivia De Berardinis, Orphne Acheron, Randy Ortiz, Reuben Negron [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist], Ronit Baranga, Scott Musgrove, Scott Radke, Sophie Wilkins, Steven Kenny [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Award 1st Prize Winner], Syd Bee, Thomas Ascott, Tom Bagshaw, Tracy Lewis, Travis Louie, Troy Brooks, Victor Grasso [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Award 2nd Prize Winner], Yousuke Kawashima, and Yuuki Morita [2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist].

We are now delighted to reveal below just a small selection of the 58 works, which will be on view at Haven Gallery from 14 December – Enjoy!

Akishi Ueda - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Akishi Ueda
2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Sculpture Art Award 1st Prize Winner
“Prayer for the Moon”, 2019
Clay, glass, acrylic paint, cloth, 68 x 64 x 34 cm

Annie Murphy-Robinson - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Annie Murphy-Robinson
Winner 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize
“The Visitor”, 2019
Sanded charcoal on paper, 35” x 26”

Jana Brike - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

Jana Brike
“Solstice Rain”, 2019
Oil on wood panel, 25 x 20cm

Josie Morway_Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Josie Morway
“Black Candle”, 2019
Watercolour and gouache on arches 300lb watercolour paper , 13″ x 14.5″

Johnson Tsang_Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'RItual'

Johnson Tsang
“Funeral Before Death”, 2019
Porcelain, cement and wood, 27 x 21 x 20cm

Kevin Peterson - Beautiful bizarre magazine exhibition ritual

Kevin Peterson
“Conjured”, 2019
Oil on panel 20 x 20″

Kurtis Rykovich_beautiful bizarre magazine exhibition ritual

Kurtis Rykovich
“Never Leave Home”, 2019
Oil on panel, 16” x 20”

Randy Orti - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'ritual'

Randy Ortiz
“Coronation of A Love Most Comforting”, 2019
Conte, pastel and acrylic on art board, 16 x 12″

Olga Esther - Beautiful bizarre magazine exhibition ritual

Olga Esther
2018 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, 3rd Prize Winner
“The Wise Woman”, 2019
Oil on panel 15 x 19″

Laurie Lee Brom - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'ritual'

Laurie Lee Brom
“In The Flames is the name”, 2019
Oil on linen 16 x 20″

Mahlimae - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

“Invocation”, 2019
Stone clay, rutilated quartz, feathers, hand dyed wool + textiles, silk, suri alpaca fibres, timber, hand blown quail egg

Naoto Hattori - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Naoto Hattori
“Lucid Dreamer 142″, 2019
Acrylic on board, 4 x 5”

Reuben Negron - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Reuben Negron
2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Art Award Finalist
“Of His Golden Hour”, 2019
Watercolour on paper mounted on wood panel 18 x 24″

Tom Bagshaw - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Tom Bagshaw
“The Sacrament”, 2019
Hand embellished one off mounted on board, varnished, framed and carries the Dark Kingdom seal on the reverse, 11 x 14″

Troy Brooks - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Troy Brooks
“Esbat”, 2019
Oil on panel, 16 x 12″

Victor Grasso - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

Victor Grasso
2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Art Award 2nd Prize Winner
“Mumbo Jumbo”, 2019
Oil on board, 17.5 x 24″

Scott Radke - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Exhibition 'Ritual'

Scott Radke
“Ananta”, 2019
Magic sculpt, burlap, acrylic paint, bird cage, acorns, 31″h x 12″w

Yousuke Kawashima - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

Yousuke Kawashima
“Hundred stories of ghosts”, 2019
Oil paint and plaster on Japanese paper on wood panel, 652 mm x 530m

Anne Christine-Roda - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

Anne-Christine Roda
2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, INPRNT Traditional Art Award Finalist
“Hope”, 2019
Oil on wood frame, 60 x 60cm

Yuuki Morita - Beautiful bizarre magazine exhibition 'Ritual'

Yuuki Morita
2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Sculpture Award Finalist
“Decay and spinning”, 2019
Resin, acrylic, enamel, silicon, wood, artificial flowers, paper, 28cm w x 28cm d x 12cm h