Garis Edelweiss Interview: Hands of Destiny

Exclusive Interview With Garis Edelweiss, 1st Prize Winner of the iCanvas Digital Art Award, 2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize by Andrea Kovacic

In the world of art, there are individuals who embark on journeys of creativity that resonate deeply with the human experience. Garis Edelweiss, an artist whose work speaks to the soul, offers a unique perspective on the challenges and inspirations that have shaped his artistic path. We delve into the early days of his artistic endeavours, uncovering the difficulties he faced as a young artist, and explore his transformation from graphite to digital art. Hailing from the culturally rich region of Java, Indonesia, Garis Edelweiss shares his insights into the vibrant Indonesian cultural art scene, blending tradition with contemporary expression.

While Garis Edelweiss may not consider himself a highly spiritual person, he shares his beliefs in concepts such as fate and destiny, reminding us of the delicate interplay between our choices and the unseen hands of destiny. His creations often find poetic accompaniments, fusing words and visuals to convey a profound narrative that goes beyond the canvas. We also delve into the story behind his winning masterpiece, “The Healer,” which won the 1st prize in the 2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize iCanvas Digital Art Award. 

Garis Edelweiss digital drawing of blue woman and flying birds

I believe that many things in our lives are influenced by our decisions and actions, but there are also elements of fate that we cannot fully control.


Garis’s artistic journey is not solitary; he shares how a collaborative project with his young daughter has allowed him to see art through the eyes of innocence and wonder. As for what’s on the horizon, Garis Edelweiss hints at new art pieces, collaborations, and virtual exhibitions that will bring his vision to a broader audience.

Having achieved more recognition through the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize, Garis Edelweiss reflects on the impact of this experience, highlighting the significance of exposure and validation in the art world. He encourages other artists to embrace such opportunities, viewing them as transformative steps to advancing their careers in the art world.

Join us as we journey through the artistic world of Garis Edelweiss, a creator who paints with colours that touch the heart and the soul.

Take us back to the early days. When did you first start drawing, and what difficulties or challenges did you encounter in your formative years as a young artist?

I have enjoyed drawing since a very young age and became more serious about it when I turned 28. I faced challenges during my formative years. One of the main difficulties was finding time and resources to develop my interest in art. Additionally, there were times when I doubted my abilities and struggled with self-criticism, which is common among artists. Overcoming these doubts and continuously practising and improving my skills has been a significant challenge.

What is life like in Java, Indonesia? How would you describe the Indonesian cultural art scene?

Life in Java, Indonesia, is rich in culture and tradition. The Indonesian cultural art scene is diverse and vibrant, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage. It involves traditional art forms like batik, wayang kulit, and its social life, as well as contemporary art that draws from global influences. There is a strong sense of community and artistic expression in Indonesia, which is inspiring and supportive for artists.

Would you consider yourself a spiritual person? Regardless, what are your beliefs towards concepts like fate and destiny?

I don’t consider myself a highly spiritual person, but I do have beliefs in concepts like fate and destiny. I believe that many things in our lives are influenced by our decisions and actions, but there are also elements of fate that we cannot fully control.

Graphite used to be your tool of choice but now you seem to be using the digital medium more frequently. When did this transition take place, and why do you think it happened?

The transition from traditional graphite drawing to digital art happened gradually over several years. I was drawn to digital media because of its flexibility and the ability to experiment with various techniques and styles without the limitations of physical materials. The ease of digital tools and the opportunity to reach a wider audience online also played a role in this transition.

I actually enjoy poetry in visuals, with every object of my fascination, I tend to poeticise it visually with imaginary movements, nuances, and shouts.


Sometimes you will promote an artwork with an accompanying poem, as with “Whispers of Solemn”. Do you often write poetry? Are you inspired by literature?

I actually enjoy poetry in visuals, with every object of my fascination, I tend to poeticise it visually with imaginary movements, nuances, and shouts. However, sometimes I feel that my artwork could be better conveyed with words, providing a rich source of imagery and emotions that can complement my visual art. The combination of visual elements and writing can create a deeper and multidimensional experience for the audience.

Please tell us more about the story behind your winning work “The Healer”.

“The Healer” is a piece that explores the theme of healing, both physical and emotional. A child, a girl with love and kindness, heals all the wounds around her.

Garis Edelweiss digital drawing of young girl holding a heart
“The Healer”
1st Prize Winner
iCanvas Digital Art Award Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

What poem would you write for “The Healer”

The Healer

To lift the crushing weight

To fathom the bitter root

To navigate by this alluring rose full of thorn

From the day you are born

You once collaborated with your young daughter on an art series, what was this project about? And do you think having a daughter has in some way shaped or changed your artistry? 

The art series I collaborated on with my daughter is a project that allows us to explore imagination and creativity from a child’s perspective. It’s a fun experience that reminds me of the importance of play and wonder in art. Having a daughter has certainly shaped my art, as it makes me more attuned to the innocence and curiosity that children possess.

Garis Edelweiss digital drawing of a girl holding a cat

What does Garis Edelweiss have coming up? What in the pipeline would you like to share with our readers? 

In my future plans, I have several new art pieces and collaborations in progress. I also plan to enhance my online presence and interact more with the audience through virtual exhibitions and interactive art experiences.

Why did you enter the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize?

I participated in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize because it’s a prestigious platform that celebrates and supports contemporary artists. The exposure and recognition it offers are invaluable, and it aligns with my goal to reach a broader audience with my art.

What do you feel you have gained from this experience?

From this experience, I have gained exposure and validation for my work. Being selected as a winner has boosted my confidence and motivated me to push the boundaries of my creativity.

Would you recommend it and encourage others to enter? If so, why?

I highly recommend the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize to other artists. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to a global audience, gain recognition, and connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts. This experience can be transformative and inspiring for anyone looking to advance their career in the art world.

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