1st Prize Winner
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Founders’ Emerging Artist Award

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

Sarah Lee


Yin and Yang

Medium & Dimensions:

Quail eggshells, clay, resin, fiberglass, plastic, 28 x 29 x 36 inches

About the Artist

Sarah Lee creates sculptures of animals that reveal fragility, vulnerability, insecurity, human emotions, awkwardness, odd self-inflicting behaviors, adaptation and survival. Eggshells are fragile empty houses that are abandoned after birth; they become lifeless and no longer serve a purpose. Sarah uses eggshells in her art to create, to up cycle, and to give another life to the material used. Eggshells and the scales of reptiles are similar in that they both provide a thin layer of protection, acting as a shield, but a vulnerable and fragile one. She crossbreeds Charles Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” in order to enforce the power of adaptation and survival, to amplify these emotions that are underrepresented.

“Yin and Yang”: A concept of balance, negative and positive, dark and the light. I sculpted these twins to show two opposing powerful forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent, and must coexist to survive.

The Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Founder’s Emerging Artist Award