3rd Prize Winner
Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

Ryu Entei



Medium & Dimensions:

Resin, mineral pigments, whitewash, acrylic paint, copper foil, 32 x 24 x 17 cm

About the Artist

Ryu Entei is a concept artist based in Tokyo. Her artistic creations are full of fantasy and surreal elements, particularly in her sculptures, which are based on classical realism and skillfully blend Eastern and Western cultures, modern digital media, and traditional Japanese art techniques. Her works cover many different fields, including film, games, illustration, and fashion. Her artistic style is characterized by strong emotional expression and bursting vitality. Mysterious, mythical, spiritual, and life-related themes often appear in her works, evoking resonance and emotional connection in the hearts of the audience.

Metamorphosis“: Inspired by ancient myths of the Korean Peninsula, I depict the beasts who once prayed to be transformed into humans by the gods but were left wandering. The tigers are portrayed as primal, wild forces of nature. The transformation of animals into humans is represented by the emergence of softer, more fluid energy, suggesting the development of a more nuanced, complex humanity. With a mythological and classical shell, I attempt to portray the fundamental struggle within the human psyche to recon.

The Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award