Honourable Mention

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

Awarded by Yasha Young Projects

Shane Stover



Medium & Dimensions:

Resin, acrylic, functional tablet monitor, 20″ x 15″ x 19″

About the Artist

Shane Stover have been an artist his entire life. He started off drawing and painting as many others do. He has grown up with ever expanding digital, and technology driven artistic materials, and much of his work today reflects his artistic journey with the transition from traditional to the digital. Shane’s work can be surreal, ironic, and often times dark. As a designer for the film industry, he has experienced the shift from traditional to digital mediums and have embraced both. He believes that his work reflects who he is as an artist, and that other people can relate to the same themes that he does. Shane embraces the weird, and everybody has a little bit of weird in them.

“Childhood“: These guys represent how technology can quite literally have you in the palm of it’s hands. As an artist that started out in traditional mediums, and has struggled at times with accepting digital mediums, Shane thinks a lot about how technology affects him. After spending some time with this boy and his robot and watching some of my favorite childhood movies on him, Shane become very nostalgic towards the time in my life when he was young and would love to be swept away with my favorite movie.