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Honourable Mention

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019

Nikole Cooney


In the Flow

Medium & Dimensions:

Epoxy clay, quartz, 12 x 11 x 18″


About the Artist

Nikole Cooney grew up in a country setting of Green Valley, Illinois USA. This sparsely populated but densely wooded environment along the Mackinaw River nourished a long-term appreciation for nature and wildlife. Her formative years were divided between caring for strays, pets, and creating images of the animals she admired. College years proved to be a continuation of this lifestyle. Nikole obtained a degree in Veterinary Technology from Parkland College moving on to work with exotics at zoos in St. Louis, MO and Peoria, IL in the United States. The relentless pull of the art world never ceased. Nikole decided to pursue her artistic career by attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Presidential Scholarship. After her first husbands’ diagnosis of a terminal illness, she decided her energy was best spent nearby caring for her family. Her studies became self taught from this point. Nikole now happily resides in North Florida working full time on her sculptural passions.

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