Phillip-A-Singer-painting-whale-farm- surreal art surrealism

Grand Prize Winner

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020

Phillip A Singer


Night Trip

Medium & Dimensions:

Oil on linen, 32 x 60″

Phillip’s work was published in Issue 31 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

About the Artist

Phillip A Singer: The idea of creating an illusion of reality on a surface has always been compelling to me. Pictures of old master paintings and images in magazines were my first encounters I had with painting. Seeking the instruction that could take my art to a higher level led me to the School of Visual arts In NYC. It was there I was exposed to other worlds of painting and pursued my career in Illustration. The challenges of illustration taught me a great deal but I was rarely used creatively. I had visions of the surrealism I wanted to create and began showing that new work at art festivals all over the country. I like to paint creatures that pulse with life as well as inanimate objects that take on new meanings as they are placed in curious combinations. Balancing the high standards of traditional realism and the new imagery that our current world demands is a challenge. In the end I hope the images are unique and worthwhile.