Billelis Sick Mick digital 3D artwork 1st Prize Winner Digital Art Award

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019

Billelis & Sick Mick


Necro Maria

Medium & Dimensions:

Digital 3 Dimensional [Cinema 4D, Zbrush]


About the Artists

Billelis is a freelance 3D Illustrator & Art Director specialising in dark visuals and decorative art. He spends countless hours experimenting, learning and expanding his artistic skill set to create a personal style that can be best described as a dark, elegant romantic fusion. He has a keen eye for intricate detail, as well bold contrasting colours, and his work has often been described as hyperreal. Equipped with an overactive imagination, his sketchbook and a perpetual artistic hunger, Billelis aims to be a distinct source of creativity.

Sick Mick worked as an architect for 5 years, but his great love of games led him into games development, where there are more opportunities for creativity. He has been in the gaming industry for 8 years. In an effort to escape reality, he creates personal work in his free time which is currently more of a hobby – a reflection of the darker side of personality. Sick666Mick is inspired by heavy music, films and of course games.