1st Prize Winner
Stocksy United Photography Award

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019

Benjamin Franke


Trust Fall

Medium & Dimensions:

Digital Photography [Sony A7R2 with Ziess 35mm 2.8]


About the Artist

For much of Benjamin Franke’s (also known as Soulcraft) life, he’s studied the human form in figure drawing workshops and during art school. During his practice, he came to the sudden realization and eventual conclusion that the human form, specifically the feminine figure is perhaps one of the highest forms of natural art. In regards to the mastery of visual arts, the likeness of the feminine is quite a challenge. Consider the fact that there’s an unmatched subtlety to the feminine that emphasizes and celebrates visual math. Flowing curves and delicate angles that seem to whisper the silent names of the elements. The same subtleties are found in the intricate forms of nature, and likewise, in the dissonance of jagged and complex textures. When juxtaposed, these harmonies and contrasts celebrate the human form. Within the movements of the muse, a dance of mind and body, a glimpse of the soul. Having just picked up photography, this is what Soulcraft seeks to capture through his lens as a new avenue of creative expression.


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