Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize: 2019 Jury Panel Announced

We are proud to announce the 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Jury Panel comprising influential figures in the art world, including corporate arts champions Drew Ng-How-Tseung, Creative Director of Stocksy United and Joshua Zika, Founder of INPRNT; curators, collectors, and Co-Founders of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Danijela Krha Purssey & Richard Purssey; Gallery Directors Erica Berkowitz & Joseph Weinreb of Haven Gallery, and five in-demand contemporary artists Jeremy Geddes [Traditional Art Category Judge], Tom Bagshaw [Digital Art Category Judge], Crystal Morey [Sculpture Category Judge], Haris Nukem [Photography Category Judge] and Marie Larkin.


The 2019 Jury Panel together provides a broad and in-depth expertise across this year’s Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Award Categories:

1st Prize [Overall Winner]
INPRNT Traditional Art Award
Sculpture Award
Digital Art Award
Stocksy Photography Award
Peoples Choice Award

Read more about each Judge on the Jury Panel page.


The Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize is a non-acquisitive art prize which provides an amazing opportunity for traditional and digital 2D + 3D artists and photographers to:

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Entries Close: Midnight 31 July 2019 [Sydney Australia Time]

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As a finalist, my Instagram and website have been receiving interest from a wider audience. Invitations to new shows have also come from the publicity the prize provided. One of the most sought after things an artist can hope for is name recognition and for people to see their work more widely, and the art prize has done that for me. – 2018 Finalist, Ariel Bowman

The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize is hosted by Australian based international contemporary art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize is deeply grateful to our sponsoring partners for their generous donations toward the 2019 Prize Pool.

Artwork by artist Jurors: Haris Nukem, Jeremy Geddes, Tom Bagshaw, Crystal Morey & Marie Larkin.